So, you want to know about me?!

My name is Deborah McCloud.


I am a post-degree student (Bachelor of Education obtained Winter 2017!) currently in the TESM Certificate Program. I got engaged in August of 2016 to my beautiful Amber. I am the “mama” of two handsome little boys [Tyrell, 6, and Kayden, 2 (soon to be 3!!)] that Amber and I took on as, initially a Place of Safety, and now we have PSI (which, if you don’t know, means Person of Sufficient Interest).

My usage of educational technology, in my opinion, is pretty limited. I have used/researched some things very loosely; Edmodo, MooURL, Prezi, Seesaw, PowerSchool, and some others that I can’t think of right now. My knowledge goes about as deep as what each thing is and how to use it to the least (generally speaking) of it’s ability.

Blogging? Well, these images about sum that whole experience up…

from GIPHY

from GIPHY

Honestly, I suck at blogging. I have trouble committing to writing on something such as WordPress or even Twitter (though, I currently have both). The blogging I have done thus far has been for classes and not so much to build a positive online presence. I am not overly excited to be blogging for class but I now understand the benefit of having an online presence. I also want to have my online profile built for my future employers to look at.

All-in-all, this will be another interesting experience. Maybe I can learn to like it, maybe not.


About debmccloud

I am a future educator currently enrolled in the University of Regina. I am the foster mother of two amazing boys and currently engaged. Welcome to my space!
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2 Responses to So, you want to know about me?!

  1. Hey Deborah,

    I’m super excited to be one of your mentors this semester! I can completely relate to not having much knowledge of technology before but taking EDTC 300 definitely helps expand your knowledge of technology. I can also relate to how you feel about blogging. I felt this way before blogging but it does actually get better I promise haha! I can’t wait to read more of your blogs this semester and please let me know if there is anything I can help you with!


  2. Hi Deborah!

    I am excited to be your mentor for the semester and cannot wait to see future blog posts! I too was nervous about the world of blogging but taking ECMP 355 (now known as EDTC 300) really helped me get into the grove of things and I am super pumped to get back into things by taking EDTC 400! Also it is awesome to find a fellow person taking their TESM certificate! I am just starting the journey and I will probably be running into you in a couple classes! Good luck with your next few blog posts! They get easier as you go along!

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