What to Learn…

Initially, I was having a really hard time choosing what to investigate for a learning project. I was torn between two things: American Sign Language (ASL) and playing guitar. After having a discussion with my fiancé, we decided to learn ASL together. We are going to teach the boys as well.

I have been interested in ASL since I first joined the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. My interest grew while working in the customer service industry. I have had a couple customers come in that are deaf and all I wanted to do was be able to communicate with them. I feel like, as long as they also know ASL, their experience would be that much better if someone could communicate with them beyond just waving.

The first thing I want to do is look through websites and smartphone applications to find some that I want to test out. I want to find applications that are good for teachers, good for people at home, and/or good for on the go.

The APPS I found that I found on the Google Play Store are:
Sign Language: ASL Kids
Sign Me A Story
ASL American Sign Language

Some websites I want to try are:
Sign Language 101
Start ASL


About debmccloud

I am a future educator currently enrolled in the University of Regina. I am the foster mother of two amazing boys and currently engaged. Welcome to my space!
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3 Responses to What to Learn…

  1. Hey Deborah,
    ASL is definitely a really practical thing to learn. I learned ASL for my own learning project and I loved it! The MSH Dictionary App and the Sign School App are also great resources. I have tons of resources on my blog if you want to check them out: https://missroneysblog.wordpress.com/category/edtc300-learning-project/
    In my blog, I also learned a few songs that your boys might like, feel free to check them out!

  2. laurambieber says:

    Deborah, I think it is really great that you decided to do your learning project as a family and utilize it with your boys. Such a great way to spend time together and create memories. Great idea to research resources to find out what you like the most and what works best for you. I am excited to watch your progress and learn through you!

  3. Hi Deborah,
    that is awesome that not only are you learning ASL but you are including your fiance and boys! Great family bonding and a useful skill to boot! My school has three students that somewhat use ASL, so the school (mainly the elementary end) includes it in many aspects and I was lost when I first started. But now I am slowly catching on. ASL is great to use as a classroom management tool I am finding. Teachers use it as a way for students to ask to go get a drink or use the washroom without disrupting instruction. So just something to keep in mind in the future! Good luck to your family on this journey of learning ASL together!

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