Sign Language 101

One of the first resources I came across
when I was searching for websites and
apps was Sign Language 101.

I really love the website and app,
of the ones I have looked through
thus far, it is my favourite.

I am finding that I love the videos!
They are easy to follow along with and,
if you’re anything like me,
you will love the fact that the gentleman
shows the signs from a front view,
as well as a side view.

The App follows the exact same
layout as the website which allows
for easy transfer between the two.
Sit down and look at it on a desktop
or take it on the go with you!

There are many videos with many
signs for you to learn.
Another thing I really love about the videos
is the fact that it contains more than
just the signs. Each video
contains an introduction, deaf culture
information, language tips, a quiz,
and a list of vocabulary.

Let’s say I’m pretty

Via Giphy

about this one.

The learning we did in ABC Time!
was from a video on Sign Language 101:


Here’s where you can get this app:



About debmccloud

I am a future educator currently enrolled in the University of Regina. I am the foster mother of two amazing boys and currently engaged. Welcome to my space!
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1 Response to Sign Language 101

  1. Hey Debbie,
    This sounds awesome since it gives you a little more background on the word! It’s awesome that you are finding so many resources to build your vocabulary! One thing I’d suggest is posting your learning project posts to both your learning project category as well as your EDTC 300 category. That way it’s all in one place. Keep up the great work, I love getting to see all your progress!

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