Digital Citizenship?

I have been given the task of thinking about how
the idea of digital citizenship relates to my future classroom.
As it says in an article called Character Education for the Digital Age,
some of the issues that you would want to address are:
1. Balance, 2. Safety and Security, 3. Cyberbullying, 4. Sexting,
and 5. Copyright and plagiarism. Reading all of these truly brings
light to what we, as educators, need to do in order for our students
to have the most comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum
that we can provide.

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Balance is important in a students’ life. We, as educators,
need to help our students understand balancing their life
includes balancing their online presence. Students need to
understand the effect that technology can have on their lives.

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Safety and security is necessary in order to understand
how a students’ online action might hurt themselves or
anyone else. They need to understand how to protect
themselves in the online world. There are many things that
you have to worry about with regards to safety and security;
Cyberbullying and Sexting are two of those.

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Cyberbullying seems to be a major issue. I am sure that
you, much like me, have had some sort of a come on with
cyberbullying even if it was just minor. Students also need
to understand the consequences of sexting. Sometimes I
feel like students get so into the moment that they don’t
think about the consequences of their actions, sexting
included. The things that can happen within seconds when it
comes to the internet is a pretty big deal and I feel like
there are times when students don’t think about the fact that
an image they send can be on the internet forever
in a matter of seconds.

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Copyright and plagiarism is another important issue
with digital citizenship. Understanding what information
you can use and when is something that is extremely
important to teach students. Ensuring students know how
to properly use materials and what can happen if
they don’t is also crucial.

This day and age, I think that teaching digital
citizenship is extremely crucial. We need to
acknowledge the fact that we are in an extremely
technology driven time, therefore, we, as
educators, are responsible for teaching
our students how to utilize technology
in an efficient and responsible way.


About debmccloud

I am a future educator currently enrolled in the University of Regina. I am the foster mother of two amazing boys and currently engaged. Welcome to my space!
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