So, for this project I have narrowed
by learning down to three of
the apps that I reviewed;

Sign Language 101 (website and app)
The ASL App
Pro Deaf Translator

I am extremely excited to use these apps.

Via Giphy

These are my favourite apps out
of the ones I looked at.
I see the benefits of using these apps
so the remainder of my posts will
use one of the three apps.

I will likely use Sign Language 101
and The ASL App more than the
Pro Deaf Translator strictly
because it will be easier to look up
videos rather than think of what I want
to look up.

About debmccloud

I am a future educator currently enrolled in the University of Regina. I am the foster mother of two amazing boys and currently engaged. Welcome to my space!
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1 Response to Choices

  1. Hey Debbie,
    It’s great that you tried out a number of apps and found some that you really liked! I can’t wait to see your progress even after EDTC 300 is done!

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