Educational Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that of an open-minded person. I don’t want to be one of those teachers that are so set in their ways that they aren’t willing to keep an open mind. I believe that if I expect my students to keep an open mind and learn new thing, I should be willing to do the same. I want to try different things with my students until I figure out what works best for them.
As a teacher I need to make sure I’m teaching for my students. It’s my job to ensure that my students understand what I am teaching. I want to do everything I can to help my students be successful. So, one thing I am going to attempt to do is make sure that I hit the areas within The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In my lesson plans I have a lot of bodily-kinesthetic, verbal-linguistic, and visual-spatial.  I also do a lot of interpersonal but I haven’t put it into words in a lesson plan. Lots of my lessons require my students to cooperate with one another. In order to get all these things into my lessons it will require a lot of effort out of me, an effort I am willing to make. I feel that if I hit multiple areas within a lesson my students are more likely to understand what I’m trying to teach.
multiple intelligences photo
Learners should be life-long, open-minded, and inquisitive. I want my learners to be constantly willing to accept new knowledge. I want my students to be as open-minded as they possibly can be; being open-minded will allow them to be more successful life-long learners. I myself am very accepting of the fact that I’m not even close to knowing everything there is to know. I also want my learners to be inquisitive. I want them to be willing to ask questions and also be willing to look for answers.
I have a strong belief in the benefits of technology in the classroom. I am aware that there are dangers in the classroom but I also see the potential. In my nutrition lesson I used technology (powerpoint) to allow the students to build their own subway sandwiches. The students were very excited to learn about the calories, sugars, proteins, etc. of their choice sandwiches. Technology can create a major spark in a students’ mind that will cause them to be more interested in a given subject. I feel that if you lay down ground rules stating the do’s and don’ts of the internet and what is appropriate and inappropriate to do on the internet technology can be extremely helpful. There are things that may be easier to gain student attention through the internet rather than you trying to show them. So, with that being said, I am pro-technology in classrooms. The way I see it, students are beginning to rely on computers more and more, as I sit here typing away on my laptop.
I feel that the way you lay out your classroom has an effect on your students. I am okay with rows but I also like the idea of moving my classroom into numerous different layouts; rows, groups of two to five, large group circle, a U-shape, etc. The community you can create by moving desks around, I feel, is a remarkable one. I had one classroom have three different layouts when I went into it. Students act differently when they sit next to certain other students so I feel finding the best suited person for them to sit near would be beneficial.
My teaching philosophy is one that is going to be constantly changing as I have every intention of being a life-long learner. I am going to remain open-minded and take new things into consideration.There is only one area in which I don’t ever want to change; not yelling at my students. I find yelling to be a waste of time, I feel it just makes your students want to ignore you more. I feel talking to your students in a neutral tone will be most effective.


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  1. Deb- lots of good stuff here – a solid beginning to your philosophy. I like how you’ve started to link to lessons and resources. Now keep thinking about what you’ve taught that backs up your beliefs. Also, think about articles that could back up what you’re saying – for instance, there’s a lot of research, etc. about technology in the classroom that you could link to here.

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