Digital Citizenship?

I have been given the task of thinking about how
the idea of digital citizenship relates to my future classroom.
As it says in an article called Character Education for the Digital Age,
some of the issues that you would want to address are:
1. Balance, 2. Safety and Security, 3. Cyberbullying, 4. Sexting,
and 5. Copyright and plagiarism. Reading all of these truly brings
light to what we, as educators, need to do in order for our students
to have the most comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum
that we can provide.

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Balance is important in a students’ life. We, as educators,
need to help our students understand balancing their life
includes balancing their online presence. Students need to
understand the effect that technology can have on their lives.

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Safety and security is necessary in order to understand
how a students’ online action might hurt themselves or
anyone else. They need to understand how to protect
themselves in the online world. There are many things that
you have to worry about with regards to safety and security;
Cyberbullying and Sexting are two of those.

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Cyberbullying seems to be a major issue. I am sure that
you, much like me, have had some sort of a come on with
cyberbullying even if it was just minor. Students also need
to understand the consequences of sexting. Sometimes I
feel like students get so into the moment that they don’t
think about the consequences of their actions, sexting
included. The things that can happen within seconds when it
comes to the internet is a pretty big deal and I feel like
there are times when students don’t think about the fact that
an image they send can be on the internet forever
in a matter of seconds.

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Copyright and plagiarism is another important issue
with digital citizenship. Understanding what information
you can use and when is something that is extremely
important to teach students. Ensuring students know how
to properly use materials and what can happen if
they don’t is also crucial.

This day and age, I think that teaching digital
citizenship is extremely crucial. We need to
acknowledge the fact that we are in an extremely
technology driven time, therefore, we, as
educators, are responsible for teaching
our students how to utilize technology
in an efficient and responsible way.


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Know Your Numbers

We are using the ASL App
to do the following video.
We, being myself and my
boys, had a lot of fun with
our numbers.
We can’t wait to learn more!


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An EdChat?? WHAT is that?!

I participated in an #EdChat yesterday, my first ever!! I used my TweetDeck to follow along with the chat which made it a lot easier. I joined in on the chat on Open Mic Night and, honestly, I had no idea what I was doing! I felt pretty overwhelmed at first! The following image pretty well sums up how I felt with the start of this one.

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The whole chat itself was overwhelming for me. Being someone that doesn’t like to talk before I know people, I generally struggle to gain enough courage to join in on conversations. I joined in quickly into the #EdChat though as I didn’t want to miss out on the experience.

from Giphy

I see a lot of value in twitter chats. I actually can’t wait to participate in another one. The people involved in the chats are actually pretty amazing. I know that the teaching profession is a pretty supportive one but I can’t believe how incredibly supportive people you don’t even know personally, people you might never meet, can be. Twitter chats are a good way to network and find resources you may not have known existed. The thing I like the most about twitter chats is the fact that you connect with more experienced teachers and get insights that you may not otherwise have.

If this twitter chat experience has taught me anything, it has taught me that I need to step outside of my comfort zone more. It’s important for me to understand that I can make contributions beyond what I think I can.

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Learn ASL

So the signs in my previous learning post
were done through the Learn ASL app.

via Google

This app has quite a few free signs,
about 7 groups worth.
There are videos for each sign.

I find that the videos are short and sweet.
They show you what you need to know
and nothing more.

Pro version has no ads and contains all the signs.
To me, it’s not worth it so I
will not be purchasing it.

Two thing that really irritates me about this app are;
the ads and the videos themselves.

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A majority of the videos have a straight on view
and I am not a huge fan of that.
I like to be able to see the signs from
multiple angles. That way, if I am missing
the way the person is holding their hand
I am more likely to catch it.

Because I am not finding this app
valuable to me, the previous post
will be the only time I will use it.


Here’s where you can get this app:


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Body & Health

With an app called Learn ASL
we, being myself and the boys,
learned about Body & Health
this week.

The boys are coming a long ways
with their sign language.
I am very proud of their progress.

Here is our video:

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Sign School

via Google

So, turns out the Sign School app
is a MASSIVE dictionary.
The app had me so confused…

Via GiphyMassive dictionary

I found it extremely difficult to use the app.
You can’t even find some common
things such as windows. There
are doubles and triples of some words.

For all these reasons, I will not
be using this app for my project.
I am having trouble seeing how it
could benefit me.



Here’s where you can get this app
if you want to check it out:



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ASL Kids

The APP I chose this week was ASL Kids.

Not my favourite by any means.
I found that there isn’t a whole lot
of depth to the app.

It only has 21 free words.
You can get 87 for $2.99 plus all
future signs for free which might be worth it.
But, since I am not sure what is
included with that, I didn’t pursue
a purchase with the app.

This will be my only post with this app.

via Giphy

Here are some screenshots of the

apps contents:

Here is my homemade video of the boys
and I doing these signs:


Here’s where you can get this app:



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What is Feedly?

I got an RSS Reader today. Honestly, I had to look up what RSS even meant. What I found from multiple sources is that it’s either ‘Really Simple Syndication’ or ‘Rich Site Summary’. It allows you to take all the blogs you want to see all in one place, ready for you to read and use.

I chose to use Feedly.

When looking for blogs that I wanted to follow, I searched for hashtags of importance to me: #EdTech, #Education, #Mathematics, and #Physical Education for starters. I plan on looking up #Health Education and see what else tickles my fancy.

I also took time and made #EDTech300 category with all of my classmates’ blogs to make it easier for me to look through peoples’ posts.

Here is one of the blogs I am following: Edutopia

Edutopia dives into helping teachers find resources to help implement valuable strategies: comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, teacher development, and technology integration.

This blog, in my opinion, is extremely helpful as it provides many resources for teachers that are current and relevant to teaching in this time period.

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Sign Language 101

One of the first resources I came across
when I was searching for websites and
apps was Sign Language 101.

I really love the website and app,
of the ones I have looked through
thus far, it is my favourite.

I am finding that I love the videos!
They are easy to follow along with and,
if you’re anything like me,
you will love the fact that the gentleman
shows the signs from a front view,
as well as a side view.

The App follows the exact same
layout as the website which allows
for easy transfer between the two.
Sit down and look at it on a desktop
or take it on the go with you!

There are many videos with many
signs for you to learn.
Another thing I really love about the videos
is the fact that it contains more than
just the signs. Each video
contains an introduction, deaf culture
information, language tips, a quiz,
and a list of vocabulary.

Let’s say I’m pretty

Via Giphy

about this one.

The learning we did in ABC Time!
was from a video on Sign Language 101:


Here’s where you can get this app:



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ABC Time!!

Today I did some work with my boys. We worked on doing the ABCs.
I am proud to say that I am able to do every letter of the alphabet in sign language.
I still struggle with the letter D which sucks because it’s a letter
in my name, but I am surely getting there with it.

I am going to show you the adventure of teaching my boys through a
series of photos within a video. I found that Tyrell, 6, understood pretty quickly and Kayden, 3,  struggled. I feel like Tyrell did a lot better with the letters
because of the fact that he knows his ABCs.
Kayden was able to get the letters with help but I don’t think
he really understands what we are trying to accomplish.

Here are the boys doing their ABCs:

Here we are doing our names:

Here is me doing the ABCs

I am still struggling to be in front of the camera.
But, one thing I am really enjoying is the fact that
I am getting more fluent while doing the alphabet.
I can’t wait to see what else I can learn.

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